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Sofia Vergara on women.

I told my boyfriend I was sad and this is what he did for me.

I told my boyfriend I was sad and this is what he did for me.

Anonymous asked:

Sorry you've been having a rough time. Idea: Watch your favorite episode ever of your all time favorite tv show and get lost in in, for that 1 hour forget about all your problems and just enjoy it. Or just tell me to fuck off and mind my own business that's cool too :) but you should something that makes you feel good today everyone deserves that.

I’d never say that to you!!! You’re so nice thank you! I’ll try that idea, thank you :)

She’s me.

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Callie, 8x19

Calliope Iphigenia Torres, my gosh.

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I can’t believe people noticed I was gone.

It was only 2 people but that’s okay because those 2 people helped me a lot tonight.

kate-loves-rick asked:

hey :) just letting you know that you can talk/vent to me at any time, hope you are doing ok (ps I am not the anon from before)

Thank you SO much. It means a lot xoxo

Anonymous asked:

Hope your okay?! you havnt been on here for a while. Keep strong.

Wow you have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you. I’m fine, just been having a hard time lately. /: thank you for noticing xoxo



the best tumblr has to offer

yahoo paid $1.1 billion for this

Can’t stop laughing at the first one

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